Over the past two decades, Leah Holmes has built a reputation as a preeminent interior designer
who continues to use her expertise in creating signature spaces that are personally tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle.

Everyone has different ideas about what they like & what is attractive to them. Leah has a gift of gaining a deep personal understanding of the style, finishes and function that elaborate your personal aesthetic & livability.

Training first as a decorator, styling spaces with layers of textiles, furniture, & décor; then later upgrading her skill set to include Interior Design, architectural drawings & working directly with established Design Build firms.

This combined experience makes her invaluable to your project; as the many lenses she views the process through have earned her an exemplary capability in supporting the needs of your design + build project.

Leah’s passion is to create unique, one of a kind homes, tailored just for you & your lifestyle; while supporting the needs of your construction team and budget targets.